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Bed Bug Alert Bed bug Detectors

Bed Bug Alert™ Monitor

Detect bed bugs early to prevent infestation!

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Product Description

These thin plastic devices help you identify the presence of bed bugs before an infestation takes hold. The attractant gel inside lures and traps bed bugs for easy detection. Simply place under the mattress or anywhere bedbugs are suspected, and monitor daily to detect problems before an infestation takes hold.

Bed bugs have crawled their way into every major city and are taking big bites out of the bottom line. Bed bugs can appear anywhere – homes, dorms, apartments, nursing homes, retail stores and public transportation – anywhere they can find a human host. Bed bugs attach themselves to clothing and other belongings and are (unknowingly) transported to new locations.

Use Anywhere Bed Bugs are Suspected

  • Hospitality industry – monitor all rooms discreetly
  • Business – detect problems before your customers do
  • Travelers – test hotel and motel beds upon arrival; keep a monitor in luggage
  • Homeowners – check daily
  • Families – keep an eye on hospitals or long-term care facilities for loved ones
  • Students – screen dorm rooms


  • Active & Effective. Proprietary attractant gel actively lures and traps bed bugs (if they are present)
  • Discreet. Small, transparent monitor slips discreetly under the mattress; anywhere bed bugs are suspected
  • Easy-to-use. Clear viewing window makes bed bug detection simple – no need to open the device
  • Reusable. Can be checked daily, reinserted and reused
  • Early detection. Attracts both adult bed bugs and 2nd instar nymphs

The Real Cost of Bed Bugs

  • Visual or dog inspection can cost hundreds
  • Treatments/fumigation can cost thousands
  • Replacing property such as furniture, linens, mattresses, carpets, curtains, etc.
  • Medical expenses of those suffering from bed bug bites
  • Legal fees from lawsuits filed by customers, guests, or employees
  • Loss of reputation regarding the quality and sanitation of the establishment
  • Being added to the online bed bug registry for all the world to see

Directions for Use

Insert Bed Bug ALERT Monitors strategically in the areas where you know bed bugs can hide. Place a monitor in your bed near the seam or the headboard (one at each corner is recommended). Affix one under the bed frame. Slip one in between couch cushions. Put a monitor in your luggage when you travel. Keep an eye on nursing home beds where an elderly relative lives. Bed Bug ALERT Monitors are a safe, discreet, easy way to check for bed bugs daily.

Unit dimensions: 7cm x 4.5cm x 1cm (about the size of a credit card)

Video - How They Work