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Customer Success Stories - Mice, Rats & Rodents


"Thank you for the great customer service and reliable product.  We received our shipment right on time and you were more than helpful. 

The squirrels, chipmunks, yellow jackets, and mice are gone and it's no coincidence! For five years, after moving to the mountains in California, I have tried everything to control these pests. Fox urine, pepper, traps, repellents of every kind, and nothing worked. The critters were so rampant, taking over the property, and even chewing up the outer beams of the house. They ruined everything from flowers to trees, to the wiring in our vehicles. Within hours of plugging in our Pest Repeller Ultimate MC we saw the critters moving away. We don't need to keep the Pest Repeller Ultimate MC going all the time. It seems that once the animals leave they must take up residence somewhere else because they are not coming back right away, when they do venture toward our home, we plug in our Pest Repeller Ultimate MC and off they go again. When the yellow jackets start swarming we set the Pest Repeller Ultimate MC to insects and they leave as well. The birds that I invite to my bird feeders are bustling happily. We truly do have a mountain paradise now."

Becki P.


"We have a 60-year-old fishing cabin on the banks of the Roaring Fork River near Aspen, Colorado. We had a struggle with mice, no matter how hard we worked to plug up entry holes, and I was really sick of cleaning up after live mice and disposing of dead mice that we poisoned.

Finally I tried the Good Life electric repeller, and wow, what a difference! Not even a sign of mice, or mice poop or mice pee. They cleared right out. Why anybody would fool with messy traps or poison is a mystery when this is such a clean, humane solution."

Mari P. -- Aspen, CO


"We live in the country and have mice and squirrels running through our yard frequently. About two months ago, I was sitting at our computer and heard a scratching sound. A mouse was coming out of our a/c floor register. A couple of days later, we could hear a mouse scratching in one of our cupboards. I immediately ordered the Ultimate AT Pest Repeller, after reading many good testimonials. I ordered several for the house, and I also ordered one for my husband's storage building. We haven't seen any signs of mice since we plugged in the units. We keep birdseed in the storage building and have been particularly impressed that we haven't had any mice in the unit. I would strongly recommend these units. We had tried other brands in the past, but they just weren't effective. We certainly won't be without these units in the future."

Angela D. -- Louisiana


"Thanks!  Yes, the products have been great.  Once the units died, the difference was noticeable -- evidence of mice everywhere.  I'm having to reset standard mouse traps all the time now.  I am looking forward to the arrival of the 3 new units I purchased."

Joanne M. -- Ohio


"A year or so ago we were being taken over by mice. In spite of strenuous efforts we could not find where they were coming into our RV that was permanently set up in a resort. Knowing not what to do, I purchased and read the label and directions on the popular mice poison I decided we were better off with the mice!

I had, on occasion, purchased the small pest ‘machines’ from major companies re their TV ads. They were to no avail. I came across Good Life and read with interest their information on the indoor and semi-outdoor repeller ie the Ultimate MC (useful in basements, under decks, etc.) I sent for it and from the day we unpacked the box and put it underneath our fully skirted RV we never saw another mouse. They left and did not come back. No mess and best of all no chemicals and no distressed little animals to deal with.

We are contemplating a move to a more rural resort area and this time I will go prepared. I sent for the new Guardian unit as I am sure we will encounter critters of all shapes and sizes in the outdoor areas. This outdoor unit will allow me to adore some of the critters and not be bothered by those I do not wish to deal with.

Upon receipt of the new unit, we put it right to work. With our unusual rainy weather we have been inundated by mosquitoes that we have never before been bothered with. I set the selector to #1 (insects) and put the unit on the glass bar on our deck and faced it to our main entry door. Nary a mosquito has come around. When people I meet complain about the mosquitoes I say, “what mosquitoes?”

Thank you so much Good Life. You are aptly named. You certainly have improved our life. I am rabidly against chemicals and you have opened a new door to a safe world for us and our adored Border Collie, Mae. A world I did not know existed till I found you. Thank you again,"

Martha & John C. -- Kelowna, British Columbia


"Two years ago, having bought a house in South West France, we found that it had infestations of stone martens (fouines) and a kind of weasel (belettes) in the loft and other roof spaces. They used to sleep during the day and go out hunting at night, returning in the early hours. At various times we heard various thumping and scurrying noises, and there was a noticeable odor in one part of the house caused by not only the animals themselves but by the prey which they had imported into the roof space. We discussed various solutions, including poison, but we did not take that route as our three cats would have been at risk. It was suggested to us that an ultrasonic device may be the only available solution, so after much research on the Internet I discovered Euro Good Life and the Ultimate Pest Repeller AT. We took a risk and bought one although the specification seemed to indicate that smaller rodents were the main target. However after the first one was installed we noticed a considerable improvement, and as the house is quite large we ended up with three more ATs. The fouines and belettes and their odors disappeared and have never returned, and there is evidence only of mice in one small area on the veranda, which may require a further AT. We are very happy with the overall result, and recommend that the AT be considered in similar cases. The cats are completely unaffected by the devices and often have a nap close to one of them."

R.M. V Miramont -- Sensacq, France