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Customer Success Stories - Squirrels


"To the squirrel repellers at Good Life. My wife bought me the Guardian Original for Christmas to keep the squirrels out of my tomato garden this spring. I have tried everything short of a Crossman 760 (air rifle ...). I was very skeptical of the Guardian. I placed a bird feeder on my front lawn full of delicious seeds and the Guardian about six feet away. Loaded with batteries the Guardian turned on was silent. I thought "this feeder is going to be empty in minutes." Well, after three days and three nights the feeder was full and I did not see any squirrels in my yard. Kudos to the Guardian and the people at Good Life! Thanks again,"

Brian V. -- Greenville, SC


"Thank you for the great customer service and reliable product.  We received our shipment right on time and you were more than helpful.

The squirrels, chipmunks, yellow jackets, and mice are gone and it's no coincidence! For five years, after moving to the mountains in California, I have tried everything to control these pests. Fox urine, pepper, traps, repellents of every kind, and nothing worked. The critters were so rampant, taking over the property, and even chewing up the outer beams of the house. They ruined everything from flowers to trees, to the wiring in our vehicles. Within hours of plugging in our Pest Repeller Ultimate MC we saw the critters moving away. We don't need to keep the Pest Repeller Ultimate MC going all the time. It seems that once the animals leave they must take up residence somewhere else because they are not coming back right away, when they do venture toward our home, we plug in our Pest Repeller Ultimate MC and off they go again. When the yellow jackets start swarming we set the Pest Repeller Ultimate MC to insects and they leave as well. The birds that I invite to my bird feeders are bustling happily. We truly do have a mountain paradise now."

Becki P.


"This is the second pest repeller we have ordered from you. We have had great success with the Guardian. We were having a terrible squirrel infestation in the attic of one of our buildings. The squirrels were even chewing through the eaves of the building to get into the attic.

They were making a lot of noise, building nests and had done substantial damage to electrical wires, thereby creating a fire hazard. We tried different pest controls, but to no avail. We also covered the holes they had made in the eaves, but they created new ones. We were at a loss as to how to keep the squirrels out of the attic. I found an ad for the Guardian on the internet and called your company. The sales representative was extremely helpful. We ordered the pest repeller and within one week of installing it into our attic, all squirrel activity ceased.

We are very impressed with your product and have ordered another Guardian pest repeller to use to repel deer and ground hogs in our garden. I would recommend your product to anyone. It works! Thank you."

Jehan B. -- Virgina


"I live in a townhouse that adjoins 5 houses. Recently, due to poor roof maintenance of 3 neighbors, squirrels entered the crawl space of all of our roofs. Our bedroom became severely infested with squirrels nesting and breeding behind the walls and ceiling of our bedroom. We endured the nuisance of clawing and scratching for weeks, helpless to do anything about these squirrels while we waited for our neighbors to replace their roofs. We also feared the damage these critters can do to a home.

After a thorough search of the internet, I purchased 2 of the "Pest Repeller Ultimate AT" devices. I plugged them in, 1 on each all of infestation, as soon as I received them and experienced IMMEDIATE relief! Every evening around dusk, we could hear the squirrels re-entering their nests in our walls. But after installing the Pest Repellers, we heard NOTHING! No longer must my family and I endure the ongoing nuisance such as scratching and clawing these critters can cause. The units are also reasonably priced. My family and I can enjoy our home again! Thank you so much for these devices! Hopefully, this testimonial can help someone else plagued with pests! These devices REALLY work!

Donna A.


"We live in the country and have mice and squirrels running through our yard frequently. About two months ago, I was sitting at our computer and heard a scratching sound. A mouse was coming out of our a/c floor register. A couple of days later, we could hear a mouse scratching in one of our cupboards. I immediately ordered the Ultimate AT Pest Repeller, after reading many good testimonials. I ordered several for the house, and I also ordered one for my husband's storage building. We haven't seen any signs of mice since we plugged in the units. We keep birdseed in the storage building and have been particularly impressed that we haven't had any mice in the unit. I would strongly recommend these units. We had tried other brands in the past, but they just weren't effective. We certainly won't be without these units in the future."

Angela D. -- Louisiana